While working from home  might initially seem like a dream come true, once reality starts to set in, most of us find it a highly distracting nightmare. Because unless you live totally alone; sans family, roommates or friends, there will be tons of nagging looks constantly being shot your way. Plus, since there’s nobody to look at your work, and nobody to take suggestions from, the lines between work and leisure hours start getting blurry. (Slowly, Game of Thrones marathons begin taking priority over the newest project or report.) And save for a few freaks of nature, even those from uber-creative backgrounds soon face blockage. Staring at the white wall (or blue, or green, or red… whatever really) isn’t quite the productive thing to do.

So inevitably, you make a sloth paced move to your local coffee shop; and sure, at this can be real productive. But, wait a minute – did you just end up paying Rs 500 for a cup of bina-adrakwali chai, a dry sandwich, 100 MBs of finicky Wi-Fi, and a plug point? (Do add extra calories and flab to the mix.)  Although there will only be rare times when someone asks you to move your butt from the café, you simply cannot ignore the staff’s judgment teeming stares.

All of this needless trouble (and lots more) which are founder experienced made him realized, that there were literally thousands of people like him wanting to work and live differently. He understood that the very best ideas and the very best work comes only when you connect with someone and are able to collaborate to create something.

With an average of 8-12 hours that every individual spends slogging, it is important to make sure that they are spending it right. (Without having to worry about stuff like ‘Yaar, ye wifi kyon nahi chal raha?’)He wanted to create an environment that gave people the best of both worlds; an office which is your own, and at the same time, it’s not a place where you are sitting alone, or have to pay heavily for a simple office space and coffee .

At CoworkIn, you come not only to a super-fun working space, but also to a community where like minded people including entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, startups and SMEs   unite, enjoy (aha, almost) unlimited perks, grow, and help others grow as well. We’re here because we realized long ago that everyone works better when they work together.

We believed it, and so we made it happen. The same can be true for your idea.



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