• First thing first, how is the coffee? 

Coffee is right up there with the necessities of life.And since it’s such a big part of your day, you want to be consuming the good stuff.This is why we make sure that our coffee is much better than what you’d get in a regular office. *Coffee spiked smiles all around*

  • Tell me about the internet; is it fast, does it buffer? 

There’s no buffering – ever. Because, all of our locations are equipped with a minimum of 10 mbps fibre internet lease lines; and all Coworkers get unlimited access to the service.

  • Who are the people I’ll be working with? 

You’ll be surrounded by people (a lot) like you; freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, professionals, artists and SME’s. The idea is to unite creative professionals and young firms through the idea that a dynamic and fun space can be the best place to grow your business.

  • How can I apply? 

There’s no one kind of Coworker; we welcome individuals, teams, small companies – everybody. To apply, future Coworkers can call us on this number: 9716587873, or drop an e-mail at create@coworkin.co.

  • Are the spaces available 24/7?

The CoworkIn spaces are open and available from 9am to 9pm. (But, in case you need to work early or late once in a while, that can most definitely be arranged.)

  • Are you easily accessible by public transport?

We sure are; all CoworkIn spaces are just a few minutes away from major metro stations as well as bus stops. Check out our prime center locations here.

  • What about the parking?

We have adequate parking in most of our locations, and some have free surface open parking.

  • Do I need to pay extra charges for using the conference room, photocopying or Wi-Fi?

Conference rooms are available at subsidized pricing for all Coworkers, and there are absolutely no extra charges for using the Wi-Fi, copiers, or other office supplies.

  • Who takes care of the community spaces?

If any project is going to be successful, it needs to be accomplishedin a place where people feel comfortable, empowered and excited about conducting operations. And so, we have a dedicated team of talented Community Managersto handle all of our ample community spaces.

  • What if I take a membership and end up disliking it?

That probably won’t happen. Because whether you’re looking to start afresh, get noticed, or make contacts, CoworkIn is the place for you.

But just in case you still have doubts, you can sign up for our two day trial, or check out some flexible packages that’ll allow you to dip your toe in the CoworkIn experience.

  • With so many people working together, doesn’t it get super-crowded and noisy? 

CoworkIn brings together like-minded people who find our spaces comfortable and professional places to do business. Professional is the key word here, and you’ll find that everyone in our spaces is too into their own laptop to create problems for anyone else.

  • How about the security? 

CCTV cameras have been installed at our locations, and security guards have been allocated to the entries and exits. Their shifts rotate, and someone’s there to safeguard you, your team, and your work at any time.

  • I have a team of 5 people, can I still Cowork?

‘The more the merrier’ is a cliché (the only one) that definitely holds true for CoworkIn. We have special team rooms suited for enterprises with 4-15 members; these spaces give your team the freedom and privacy you need and you always have the community spaces to network, collaborate, and cowork.

  • Can you get food in the CoworkIn spaces?

Not for free, and although you can fill up on the drinks, you can also order food at the pantry. Plus, there are tons of food joints near the spaces which are located in neighborhood epicenters.