Our Story

While working from home might initially seem like a dream come true, once reality starts to set in, most of us find it a highly distracting nightmare. There’s nobody to look at your work, and nobody to take suggestions from, the lines between work and leisure hours start getting blurry. And save for a few freaks of nature, even those from uber-creative backgrounds soon face blockage. Staring at the white wall (or blue, or green, or red… whatever really) isn’t quite the productive thing to do.

So inevitably, you make a sloth paced move to your local coffee shop; and sure, at this can be real productive. But, wait a minute – did you just end up paying Rs 500 for a cup of bina-adrakwali chai, a dry sandwich, 100 MBs of finicky Wi-Fi, and a plug point? (Do add extra calories and flab to the mix.)

All of this needless trouble (and lots more) which our founder experienced made him realize, that there were literally thousands of people like him wanting to work and live differently. He understood that the very best ideas and the very best work comes only when you connect with someone and are able to collaborate to create something. With an average of 8-12 hours that every individual spends slogging, it is important to make sure that they are spending it right.

He thus created an environment that give people the best of both worlds. An office you can call your own with minimum overhead expenditure, and at the same time, it’s not a place where you are sitting alone, or have to pay heavily for a simple office space and coffee. We’re here because we realized long ago that everyone works better when they work together. We believed it, and so we made it happen. The same can be true for your idea.

At CoworkIn, you come not only to a super-fun working space, but also to a community where likeminded people including entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, startups and SMEs unite, enjoy (aha, almost) unlimited perks, grow, and help others grow as well.


Why Choose CoworkIn?

Prime Location

All our CoworkIn spaces are in prime locations, making sure that they are not far away from your residence and that you can easily access the public transport.

Flexible Plans

With our affordable pricing, we aim to reduce your overheads and at the same time deliver you quality services that will help you work efficiently.

Dedicated Team

The CoworkIn team members are here to take care of your comfort ,your work needs and security. We’re here to listen and respond to your needs.

Our Locations

We have affordable plans tailored to your needs. Feel free to choose the one that serves you the best. If you are enticed by our plans, and if you wish to check our spaces out, please contact us to set up a tour. Post the tour, we are happy to have you for two days of free co-working.



Our Plans

The CoworkIn team members are as happy and enthusiast about working here as you will be. We’re here to take care of your comfort and your work efficiency and security. We’re here to listen and respond to your needs.





1 Day Access

Unlimited Internet

Unlimited Tea / Coffee

Access to Hot Desking area





Up to 12 Days Access

Unlimited Internet

Unlimited Tea/Coffee

9am – 9pm

Access to Hot Desking Area





26 Days Access

Unlimited Internet

Unlimited Tea / Coffee

Access to Hot Desking area

CoworkIn Visa






24/7 Access

Dedicated Team Room

Unlimited Internet

Unlimited Tea/Coffee

CoworkIn Visa





Our Services

Our team will be happy to assist you in the setting up any of the facilities that we provide.




Unlimited Tea & Coffee



     Calling Rooms



            Hot Desk


    Printing Facilities


      Flexible Plans


        Team Rooms


  Conference Rooms


      Weekly Events


        Pet Friendly


        Event Spaces


        Virtual Office

Coworkers about CoworkIn


Akshat Anand

Founder of ProVakil Designer

“CoworkIn provides a great work environment which is very conducive to high quality output. I started working at CoworkIn as an individual, and now we’ve grown to a team of 8 people.
In my opinion, the biggest advantage here is that since there’re so many different startups and individuals working here, it’s always easy to find help with any problem that we’re facing.”


Sundar Panchal


“CoworkIn is an energetic place with such a cool ambience that even accountancy now seems enjoyable to me.”


Siddhart Batra

Blogger at Hitech Pulse

“CoworkIn is one of the finest places to work. The management staff puts a lot of efforts to keep the place suited to optimize the needs of the CoWorker.”


JatinPreet Singh

Ios Developer

“I found CoworkIn a really peaceful place in comparison to the many co-working spaces I’ve worked in the past. There’s a good work vibe in here, minus the chaos that may disturb the basic silence. I think it is the isolation of work teams into different rooms makes this happen.”


The ‘Baby Destination’ Team

“CoworkIn, in a manner true to its name, truly supports the culture of learning and growing together. Working here gives a great flexibility to outgrow or downsize our team numbers. Good facility and ease of use make it our absolute FAVORITE.”


The ‘Evoc’ Team

“Working at CoworkIn has been a delight. The space is so colorful and vibrant; it’s great to work at a place constantly buzzing with energy, and always open to fresh ideas.”


The ‘Codingzen’ Team

“A very friendly and upbeat place. Nice and quiet, too, and literally steps from Delhi Metro. We have an Ed Tech venture focusing on teaching coding to kids and have moved in pretty recently. CoWorkIn Lajpat Nagar has been amazing – we’ve have a desk, with computers, equipment, plus there’s ample space for meetings, super-fast internet, coffee and nice people. To top it up, they have good mix of start-ups, and the staff (the nice ladies, Amneet and Harshita in our case) have been really helpful. Go for this space!”


The ‘Clayplay’ Team

“CoworkIn is a great place to work. The location and the entire environment at CoworkIn is so encouraging and has a positive effect on the whole team. CoworkIn always goes out of their way to ensure all our energies go towards our product, and towards creating cool stuff!”


The ‘MosixTech’ Team

“CoworkIn is the best place for a budding start-up team. It has well-designed office spaces, friendly staff, various amenities and a host of useful events. They perfectly aid an entrepreneurial mind-set.”


Arjun Banarjee

“CoworkIn has worked out really well for me and my team. There are no headaches that come with managing your own offices, or the admin issues that come with it.
Their team is incredibly hands-on in their approach, I like the informality and flexibility, combined with professionalism. The breaks here are always good with brain storming or advising or learning. Overall, it is a fun place with tons of serious work being churned out under one roof. Highly recommend!”


The ‘Medhalt’ Team

“Collaborative environment, bright, vibrant interiors, and super-helpful management. We simply love CoworkIn.”


The ‘Quikwell’ Team

“We were associated with CoworkIn for close to 8 months and I can say with complete trust that it was a great experience. We wanted an office space which was easily accessible, professional and at the same time have facilities and services to help us build what were focused on.
The agenda of working with like-minded people is to make you more pivoted and motivated towards the goal that you are working for, and we can definitely say that the vibe of the place made it happen. CoworkIn sure is a place where extraordinary companies are born. Kudos guys!”


Our Events


Meet People. Eat. Drink. Have Fun. Connect and Collaborate.

Networking and socializing are the essence of CoworkIn. We host our own events to connect peers and support their personal and entrepreneurial development. Also, we know, how hard you slog, and it’s essential to maintain a work-life balance.

Any suggestions are welcome.

We also co-organise professional events, meet-ups and workshops.

Stay tuned.

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Our Partners

CoworkIn is what it is because of its partners.

CoworkIn Mafia

Meet the team who keeps CoworkIn running.


Yatin K Thakur

Resident Cop




Astha Aggarwal

Chief Troublemaker
Brand Consultant


Akshay 2Akshay 1

Akshay Sindwani

CoworkIn Ambassador
Community Manager

Amneet 2Amneet

Amneet Malhotra

Wolf of CoworkIn Street
Sales Head



Kevin Quadros

The Muscle
Admin & Operations Head



Brinda Sethi

CoworkIn Ambassador

Community Manager


Shubham 1Screenshot_20170614-122409

Shubham Aggarwal
CoworkIn Ambassador

Community Manager

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-11 at 11.42.08 AMLeena

Leena Soni

Second in Command
Assistant Manager


Ankush Khera

CoworkIn Sultan
Chief Designer


Screenshot_1sharad - 3

Sharad Bhati
CoworkIn Ambassador

Community Manager


We are hiring!

We’re always searching for people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our team.


& We Blog Sometimes

Read Up

Watch our space to read more about our upcoming events, our co-workers, the start up community and stay updated with all that’s happening at CoworkIn. Occasionally we also post just some random thoughts that we find interesting.


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Having trouble deciding if CoworkIn is for you and your company? – Opt for our one-day-trial and figure it out. (Although we’re sure you and we are going to mesh just right.)

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Lajpat Nagar-4, Delhi

India, 110024

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